Ismail “Door”

Ismail poetThe Telugu poem rendered into English here is “Talupu” by Ismail, the pen name of Mohammed Ismail (1928), without a doubt one of the great poets from Andhra Pradesh, who gained his prominence with his humanistic and evocative poetry. From bits and pieces I read about Ismail, I gather that early on in his life Marxism and Sri Sri influenced him, but he grew away from them into a more nuanced poet with a clear affinity for nature and life and how they intertwine. Just to show you how bewitched I am with his poetry, see my translations of his two other poems–నూతిలో తాబేలు and పద్య సమాధిhere in The Caravan Magazine. Telugu originals for both these poems can be read from ఈమాట Magazine – రాత్రి వచ్చిన రహస్యపు వాన.

Upset with me
Suddenly opening the door
You left

For bursting open
The door I closed long ago for your sake,
And letting in sunshine and air
Many thanks

[Telugu original below, from ఈమాట Magazine – రాత్రి వచ్చిన రహస్యపు వాన]


నా మీద అలిగి
భళ్ళున తలుపు తెరచుకుని
వెళ్ళిపోయావు నీవు.

నీకై ఎన్నడో మూసుకున్న తలుపును
బార్లా తెరిచి,
గాలీ వెలుతురూ రానిచ్చినందుకు
బోలెడు థాంక్సు.

మీ మాటలు